Best Trading App in India for April [2024] – List of Top 10 Trading Apps

Contrary to conventional investment tools like LICs, PPFs, and FDs, stock trading has emerged as the most effective technique of accumulating gain on a monetary investment in today’s fast-paced world. The explanation is pretty straightforward: stock trading is now simpler than ever before and, despite some risk, guarantees higher returns on investment. With the development of computer- and mobile-based trading, the era of stock trading on paper is history. Certainly, consumers can quickly purchase and sell stocks of firms nowadays directly from their smartphones. The dynamics of stock trading and the app category have changed a lot as a result of the rapid improvements in technology.

Trading stocks has become incredibly simple and quick for investors, stock traders, and nearly everyone else thanks to the adoption of trading apps. Aside from that, the accessibility of various stock trading avenues like mutual funds, IPOs, and insurance plans has provided investors with fresh, lucrative investing alternatives. Yet, picking a decent trading software is the most crucial step here. The best trading app in India or the best share market application, like the best trading platforms in India, aids users in selecting the best stocks to invest in, comparing the performance of various equities, learning about stock investment, and much more.

What is Mobile-Based Stock Trading?

Simply put, using a smartphone to trade stocks is known as mobile trading or mobile-based stock trading. This type of trading is more sophisticated than computer-based stock trading and makes it possible to trade stocks whenever and wherever. With the finest trading software in India, you may choose to invest in stocks regardless of your level of experience as a stock trader or investor.

The first step you should do if you want to undertake mobile trading or invest in stocks using your phone is to download the top Indian mobile trading apps. In the section that follows, we’ll go over all of the top mobile trading applications in India in 2023, along with a description of their characteristics.

The Best Trading App in India

The most crucial question is now: Which is the Best Trading App in India in 2023?

This question’s resolution might not be as simple as it first appears. This is because various stock investors may choose different stock trading apps.

There are many types of mobile trading apps with a unique set of capabilities. That simply indicates that one stock investor may have different preferences than another, and he can select a certain trading software in accordance.

The best 10 mobile trading applications in India for both novice and experienced investors are listed below.

S.No.Stock-Trading AppPerformance RatingMajor Feature/sLogoClick To Open Account
1.Kite by Zerodha4.8/5Ultra-fast Zerodha loginKite-by-Zerodha-Best-Trading-App-in-IndiaOpen Account
2.5Paisa App4.7/5Excellent stock research5paisa-Best-Stock-Broker-in-IndiaOpen Account
3.Upstox PRO4.6/5Advanced charting with 100+ technical indicatorsUpstox-Best-Stock-Broker-inOpen Account
4.Angel Speed Pro4.5/5Availability of several financial instrumentsAngel-Speedpro-Best-Trading-App-in-IndiaOpen Account
5.ICICI Direct App4.5/5Faster trade order executionICICI-Securities-Limited-Best-Stock-Broker-in-IndiaOpen Account
6.Motilal Oswal Investor4.4/5Multiple value-added servicesMotilal-Oswal-Best-Stock-Broker-in-IndiaOpen Account
7.IIFL Markets4.4/5Timely alerts for all transactionsIIFL-Best-Trading-App-in-IndiaOpen Account
8.Choice FinX4.3/5Options chain featureChoice-Finx-Best-Trading-App-in-IndiaOpen Account
9.Fyers Markets4.2/5Options calculator, robust data analyticsFyers-Best-Trading-App-in-IndiaOpen Account
10.Sharekhan4.1/5An integrated dashboardSharekhan-Best-Trading-App-in-IndiaOpen Account

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    Kite by Zerodha

    Zerodha is the market leader in the area of stock trading and represents over 15% of the whole retail trading industry in India, with over 1 crore downloads on Google Play Store to date. Because of its cutting-edge technology-based trading platform, Kite by Zerodha Trading App is one of the finest mobile trading apps in India in 2023 and a fantastic choice for both novices and experienced traders and investors.

    The major features of Zerodha Kite are:

    • Equity delivery trading requires no brokerage
    • In-depth portfolio including P&L, tax reports, and market analytics;
    • Up to 20x leverage on intraday trading
    • Available 3-in-1 account opening;
    • Ultra-fast Zerodha login, LIVE market streaming, useful charting, and an easy-going trading experience
    • An easy and quick way to invest in mutual funds and IPOs without paying any commission
    • New features such as “view breakdown,” which displays STT fees in addition to the brokerage

    5Paisa App

    The 5 Paisa mobile trading app, which is available for both Android and Apple OS, is one of the fastest-growing trading applications in India in 2022 and has already had 1 Cr+ download. The best trading app in India is ideal for both trading and investing, regardless of your skill level. The famed IIFL Group is behind the 5 Paisa smartphone app, which allows users to invest in mutual funds, derivatives, insurance, and stocks.

    • Get access to real-time market data, price fluctuations, and current stock prices.
    • Simple US stock investment Excellent research advice help in the sector
    • Make several watch lists and price alerts.
    • An easy-to-use interface for the 5Paisa login and other sections.

    Upstox PRO

    Upstox PRO, a well-known discount broker program, is funded by well-known figures including Indian billionaire Mr. Ratan Tata and Tiger Global Management. The share market program provides trading and investment options in stocks, currencies, commodities, and mutual funds with cutting-edge tool alternatives such as trading view and charts IQ library for seasoned and educated investors. The Google Play Store now shows 50L+ downloads for the app. The number of downloads for the Upstox app is increasing every year.

    The following are Upstox Pro’s main features:

    • Possibility to invest in Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), Mutual Funds, and Gold
    • Up to 5X intraday leverage;
    • 0 commission on mutual fund investments
    • 100+ technical indicators for advanced charting tools
    • Easy access to NSE cash, futures, options, and a range of different currencies

    Angel Speed Pro

    The leading full-service stock broker Angel Broking provides support for the mobile trading application known as Angel Speed Pro. The well-known stock trading program provides its users with an easy-to-use single-window trading interface and comprehensive trade monitoring capabilities. It is recognized for its real-time stock updates and rapid order processing as well.

    • Accessibility to a variety of investment avenues, including mutual funds, derivatives, and markets in stocks, commodities, and currencies
    • Receiving quick, real-time news updates and flashes;
    • Having a portfolio of high-end stocks already included;
    • Enables real-time rate streaming for smooth trading;
    • Option to utilize Excel to see and modify real-time market data

    ICICI Direct App

    ICICIdirect, one of the oldest and most well-known stock broker service providers in India, is run by the illustrious ICICI Group. The full-service trading software, ICICIdirect provides investors and traders with a flawless, trouble-free stock trading experience. Moreover, the app offers free equities futures trading, research reports, and investment counseling services.

    • Establish several watchlists for the index, stocks, and F&O contracts. In-depth research reports covering the equities and derivatives market.
    • Fast order execution and buy/sell capabilities based on swipes
    • There are several brokerage programs for different sorts of investors.

    Motilal Oswal Investor

    The MO Investor app was developed by Motilal Oswal Securities, one of the biggest stock trading firms in India. This industry-leading mobile trading software is renowned for its user-friendly design, cutting-edge features, and real-time price alerts.

    The Motilal Oswal Investor app provides a lot of services that let users invest in mutual funds, IPOs, derivatives, commodities, currencies, equities, derivatives, and more. For learning purposes, one may enroll in their introductory, intermediate, and advanced courses as well as a wide range of blogs and attractive infographics.

    • An AI-powered tool for portfolio restructuring assists in rebalancing the whole portfolio for the best results
    • Multiple value-added services are provided, including automated guidance, live bot genie, call and trade service, and SIP over WhatsApp
    • Offers financial services include stock lending options, collateralized loans, and margin funding
    • Extensive research reports provide information on the position, margin, and in-depth analysis
    • A variety of MF plans are offered by over 40 asset management companies

    IIFL Markets

    IIFL Markets is the best option when looking for stock trading software with an unsurpassed user experience. The trading app is one of the best trading applications in India and is managed by India Infoline or IIFL. To aid investors in making wise stock investing selections, it also provides insightful stock suggestions and market research papers at no cost.

    • Get in-depth coverage of markets and companies
    • Make many watch lists for the BSE, NSE, NCDEX, and MCX-SX
    • Timely alerts for transactions, orders, and news
    • Commodities, indices, and currency dashboards that are user-focused, as well as cutting-edge charting tools like MACD, Bollinger bands, moving averages, and RSI

    Choice FinX

    The Choice FinX trading program, formerly known as Jiffy, aims to streamline and speed up the stock trading process. It is one of the most well-liked trading apps in India in 2023 and gives traders and investors a seamless stock trading experience. Among the key characteristics of this best trading app in India are:

    • The Options Chain feature, which facilitates rapid decision-making and improves security
    • A part devoted to research providing well-evaluated material to aid in making decisions
    • The program includes more than 100 sophisticated charts and research papers
    • Investors can add 50 stocks to each of the five watchlists using a filter-based watchlist
    • A consolidated firm website that displays current values for several exchange sectors

    Fyers Markets

    Fyers Securities offers a very sophisticated mobile stock trading software called Fyers Markets. Fyers Securities is mostly recognized for its zero brokerage and flat cost brokerage scheme.

    • An integrated trading app for MCX and NSE that supports all product categories
    • Many watchlists
    • Functionality for options calculators; robust data analytics for access to essential market information
    • Faster fund transfer capabilities directly from the mobile app
    • Trades in free equity delivered


    Sharekhan is a well-known name in the market because it has been in the stock brokerage industry for a long time. The company’s mobile trading app is well-liked by both novice and seasoned investors. It enables investment in futures, shares, mutual funds, currencies, commodities, and initial public offerings (IPOs). Several cutting-edge features are included in the program, such as comprehensive search options, in-depth chart analysis, options contracts on a single page, and other contemporary tools. The Sharekhan trading app does not charge any fees for account opening or deposits.

    • A dashboard with integrated features for quick and simple access
    • A market watch function that enables you to choose any stock, view data, and track its % and value over time
    • Innovative charts for a thorough market analysis
    • Faster Fund Transfer Service
    • Customize the home screen of the default app

    Major Traits of A Great Trading App

    • Real-time data – access is essential for stock traders and investors since successful stock trading depends on their ability to make the best purchases or sales at the appropriate times. Not only should the market information be available, but it should also be simple to get. Consequently, this function is a need for the top trading app in India.
    • Usability – Because not everyone can easily grasp the stock market and its components, you must design an app that is straightforward to learn and use. The program may carry out more crucial tasks, keep track of market data from stock exchanges, and provide you with crucial information on minute changes.
    • Smart notifications – Research indicated that alerts increased user engagement by 190%. Alerts serve a far more significant purpose now that they make it possible for users to keep track of their orders. Because transactions aren’t always completed instantly, keep in mind that sometimes prices may change between the time an order is placed and when it is fulfilled. Notifications should be used to properly alert users when something happens.
    • Cross-platform compatibility – The trading app of choice must be accessible on both iOS and Android mobile platforms. Also, the app must provide a fluid trading experience on all mobile devices, regardless of where they are and how they are set up. Performance delays shouldn’t be seen in the app more frequently.
    • Security – Hazards occur often in sectors like banking and investment. In the world of investment, data theft is a continual worry that might cost you a lot of money. Security is the most crucial component that must be present in the most recent stock apps. Several confidential details will be included in the stock market app. Thus, it’s essential to ensure that the trading app has the necessary security elements to protect your assets and personal information.

    The Conclusion

    From the aforementioned points, it becomes clear that choosing a particular trading app in India makes a big difference to your overall stock trading experience. However, it is also important to choose an app that matches best your trading needs with elements like brokerage, features, downtime, charting, fund transfer, etc. You can explore the given trading apps that are considered some of the best options available to traders and investors today.

    FAQs – Best Trading App in India

    1. What is a mobile trading app?

    Ans. A mobile trading app refers to a program that has been designed specifically for smartphones to help users trade in stock and other financial instruments at any point in time.  Apart from stock trading, an app also allows users to do a lot of things like access market research reports, real-time market information, review brokerage, check portfolios, etc. Since it allows trading from any place, the use of a mobile app has become increasingly common these days.

    2. Which is the best trading app in India for new investors?

    Ans. According to various reports, Zerodha Kite is considered one of the best apps for both new and experienced investors. It is primarily known for its simple and smart user interface that makes stock trading a breeze.

    3. Which is the most popular trading app at present?

    Ans. Zerodha Kit is regarded as the most downloaded trading app in India in 2022 with over 50 lakh downloads. The app has held the top spot in the list of the most widely used mobile trading applications in India for a number of years.

    4. How can I find the best trading app in India?

    Ans. Every investor has a unique set of expectations and criteria; thus it is important to choose a trading app based on these. The features of the app, brokerage, accessibility to historical data, user interface, customer assistance, safety, fund transfer capability, availability of financial instruments, and other factors are typical considerations.

    5. Which trading apps offer free stock trading?

    Ans. Many mobile trading apps in India offer stock trading services at 0 brokerages. Some of them are m.Stock, Kite by Zerodha, Angel Broking, Upstox, and others. You can search for them online and download them to start investing.

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