Ticker Finology – Calculator, Features, Stock Research and Analysis

What is Ticker Finology?

Ticker finology is a revolutionary tool for stock research and analysis for equity research in India. It provides three-way assistance for intelligent stock picking. With Ticker Finology investors, traders can scan and filter top stocks based on various parameters. These include balance sheets, ratio analysis, peer comparison, market movers, and trending stocks. It also gives comprehensive data and research stock analysis and bundles for different investment strategies.

What are Ticker Symbols?

Ticker symbols are arrangements of certain symbols or characters. These are usually English letters that represent specific assets or securities listed on a stock exchange or traded publicly.

A listed firm that wants to sell its securities to the public in a market must select a free ticker symbol. This symbol is how the traders and investors identify and order the securities. Each listed security has its ticker symbol. This ticker symbol makes it easier to process and track the trade orders and transactions that happen every day in the financial market.

Features of Ticker Finology

Ticker Finology provides numerous unique features for equity research in India. These include super investors, IPOs, sectors, bundles, markets, and more.

1. Super Investors

Super investor lets you track the stocks and holdings of big investors in various companies. You can also view and follow the portfolios of super investors. The list of super investors in India includes Radhakishan Damani, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Mukul Agrawal, Vijay Kedia, and others. This feature is completely free of cost to use.

2. IPO Section

The IPO section helps you with the latest information and analysis on upcoming and newly listed companies as IPOs. With a ticker, you can also get IPO-related news and insights. This can help you in making informed investment decisions.

3. Ticker Finology Bundles

Ticker Finology offers professionally designed bundles. With these bundles, you can start your investment journey by choosing from various investment strategies. These include efficient banks, debt-independent, rising stars, and more.

4. Sector

The sector section on the ticker platform shows you various industry sectors and their stocks. Along with this it also shows you stocks which are top performers and losers.

5. Markets

The market section on the ticker platform displays the daily top gainers and losers. It also displays the stocks that are most active with high volumes and their indices like Nifty, Bank Nifty, Nifty 100, BSE IT, etc.

How Ticker Finology is Used in Stock Research and Analysis

Ticker helps you with detailed information. With ticker, you can get information such as:

  • Details about company essentials
  • Crucial chards about performance
  • Peer comparison
  • Necessary ratios
  • Details regarding shareholding such as pledged shares etc.
  • Profit and loss statements, cash flows, and quarterly and annual results
  • Details about corporate action

How to use Ticker Finology for Stock Analysis and Research

It is effortless to do research and analyze stocks using Finology One. You can follow the following steps:

  • You have to go to the website of Ticker by Finology: https://ticker.finology.in/
  • Type in the name of a company on which you need information
  • You will get the information on the screen such as today’s high low etc.
  • You will get 2 options to view the information: standalone and consolidated
  • You can also view charts of the company’s performance

Ticker Finology Calculator

Ticker Finology Calculator

Order Type


₹ 1000.00

Intraday Brokerage Rate
0.03% order, ₹ 20
Brokerage Applicable
₹ 0.30
₹ 0.00
Exchange Charges
₹ 0.03
₹ 0.06
SEBI Charges
₹ 0.00
Stamp Duty Charges
₹ 0.03
Total Tax and Charges
₹ 0.43

Net Debit
₹ 1000.43

Note: Charges may vary due to change in taxes and brokerage plans.

Ticker Finology offers various financial calculators. These calculators help you in planning your investment goals. Ticker Finology offers the following calculators:

  1. Finology lumpsum calculator
  2. Finology SIP calculator
  3. Goal planning calculator
  4. Time duration calculator
  5. Retirement planning calculator
  6. Investment planner calculator
  7. Stock market vs FD returns calculator
  8. Children’s education planner calculator
  9. Step-up calculator
  10. DCF calculator
  11. EMI calculator
  12. EMI-education-loan calculator
  13. PPF calculator
  14. Fixed deposit calculator
  15. Recurring deposit calculator

Advantages of Ticker Finology

  • Ticker finology provides data and research about nearly 4000 listed companies.
  • With https://ticker.finology.in/, investors can screen stocks based on their criteria. Investors can use around 1200 ratios and parameters.
  • It provides professionally curated bundles of stocks based on different investment strategies. These include efficient banks, debt-independent, rising stars, etc. Investors and traders can also create their own bundles and track performance.
  • You can compare different sectors and their top performers and losers
  • With Ticker Finology you can track the market movement and indices like NIfty, bank nifty, nifty 100 BSE IT, etc
  • It offers a user-friendly interface and smart suggestion feature.
  • It provides technical analysis and stock tips to customers free of cost.

Challenges Associated with Ticker Finology

  • It relies on the accuracy and timeliness of the data sources that it uses such as financial statements, news articles, and market data. If the data source provides inaccurate data the analysis and recommendations of Ticker Finology may be misleading.
  • There are different types of investors such as value investors, growth investors, technical analysts, swing traders, and day traders. Ticker Tinology may not be able to cater to the diverse needs of the different types of investors.


In conclusion, Ticker Finology helps investors and traders select the best stocks based on their preferences and strategies. Ticker finology offers various features such as stock analysis, peer comparison, bundles, and stock screeners. Ticker Finology is a powerful and innovative tool that aims to simplify and enhance the stock research and analysis process. It is a free service that anyone can use to unlock the potential of fundamental stock analysis.

FAQs- Ticker Finology

1. Is Ticker Finology Free to use?

Ans. Yes, the Finology ticker website which is a stock analysis website is free to use. It provides high-quality analysis with around 5 years of in-depth data on listed companies. This includes market news, company updates, ratios, peer comparisons, historical data, reports, and calculators.

2. How to add Stocks to The Ticker Finology Portfolio?

Ans. To add stocks to your Ticker Finology portfolio, simply search the company name, click on the eye button on the right corner, tick the checkbox for portfolio, and click on add.

3. What are Market Movers?

Ans. Market movers help you to discover the market’s, top gainers, and losers as well as the 52-week high and low of the day. There is a full list of market movers on the ticker finology website.

4. What are The Bundles on The Ticker?

Ans. Bundles are collections of stocks that follow different themes and strategies. For instance, the Cash Cow bundle displays the companies that have large cash reserves. This is only based on the numerical aspects of the company and not a recommendation or a small case for investing.

5. Why is There a Difference in The Data on The Ticker Website and other Websites?

Ans. The difference in data appears because you may be comparing consolidated data on the ticker with the standalone data on the other website. To get the same data you need to switch to the same mode of data on both the websites on which you are viewing the data.

6. How do Watchlists and Portfolios help you on The Ticker?

Ans. With the help of watchlists, you can easily track the stocks you are interested in or plan to buy later. The portfolio helps you to see the average buy of your portfolio and show you the profit/loss statements based on the daily closing price of the stocks.

7. How many Stocks I can add to My Ticker Portfolio?

Ans. Ticker allows you to add up to 30 stocks in your ticker portfolio. However, with ticker plus you can add up to 100 stocks in your ticker portfolio.

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