FYERS Brokerage Calculator 2024 – Calculate Intraday, Delivery

FYERS Brokerage Calculator assists investors and traders in calculating the brokerage charges for different securities. It is an important tool for anyone who is trying to make wise decisions about their investment. Because it allows them to comprehend every aspect of the costs associated with a trade. FYERS brokerage calculator helps to make the best possible decisions for the investor’s financial objectives.

Intraday FYERS Brokerage Calculator

For example, if we take a turnover of Rs. 10,000. The intraday brokerage charges will be Rs. 3. STT charges will be zero because it is not levied on the buy side in intraday trading. Exchange charges are NSE: 0.00325% and BSE: 0.00375%, so it will be Rs. 0.03 as per turnover. The GST charges are 18% (Brokerage + SEBI charges + transaction charges), so it will be Rs. 0.595. SEBI Charges are levied as Rs. 10/crore, so it will be Rs. 0.005. Stamp Charges are 0.003% or s. 300 / crore on the buy side, so it will come to Rs. 0.3. So, the total charges would come to Rs. Rs. 4.2.

TurnoverRs. 10,000
Intraday Brokerage Rate0.03% on order value, up to ₹ 20
Brokerage ApplicableRs. 3.00
STTRs. 0.00
Exchange ChargesRs. 0.03
GSTRs. 0.595
SEBI ChargesRs. 0.005
Stamp Duty ChargesRs. 0.3
Total Tax & ChargesRs. 4.2
Net DebitRs. 10,004.2

FYERS Brokerage Calculator for Delivery

For Delivery trading, suppose a turnover is Rs. 10,000. So, the brokerage charges will be Rs. Zero. STT charge will be Rs. 10 because on delivery trading the charges are 0.1% on buy & sell. Exchange charges would be the same as intraday trading, so it will be Rs. Rs. 0.3. The GST charges are 18% (Brokerage + SEBI charges + transaction charges), so it will be Rs. 0.055. SEBI Charges are levied as Rs. 10/crore, so it will be Rs. 0.005. The stamp duty charges on equity delivery are 0.015% or Rs. 1500 / crore on the buy side, so the amount will come to Rs. 1.5. And the total charges would sum up to Rs. 11.86.

TurnoverRs. 10,000
Delivery Brokerage RateZero
Brokerage ApplicableRs. 0.00
STTRs. 10.00
Exchange ChargesRs. 0.3
GSTRs. 0.055
SEBI ChargesRs. 0.005
Stamp Duty ChargesRs. 1.5
Total Tax & ChargesRs. 11.86
Net DebitRs. 10,011.86

FYERS Calculation

Change the options below to calculate FYERS brokerage.

Order Type

Result for Intraday

₹ 10,000

Intraday Brokerage Rate
0.03% on order value, upto ₹ 20
Brokerage Applicable
₹ 3
₹ 0
Exchange Charges
₹ 0.3
₹ 0.595
SEBI Charges
₹ 0.005
Stamp Duty Charges
₹ 0.3

Total Tax and Charges
₹ 4.2

Net Debit
₹ 10,004.2

Note: Charges may vary due to change in taxes and brokerage plans.

FAQs about FYERS Brokerage Calculator

How are brokerage charges calculated for delivery trading with FYERS?

For delivery trading with FYERS, brokerage charges are zero, but STT charges would be ₹10 for a turnover of ₹10,000. Exchange charges, GST, SEBI charges, and stamp duty charges are also considered to calculate the total charges.

What are the total charges for delivery trading with a turnover of ₹10,000?

For a turnover of ₹10,000 in delivery trading, the total charges, including STT, exchange charges, GST, SEBI charges, and stamp duty charges, would amount to ₹11.86.

How is the net debit calculated in the FYERS brokerage calculator?

The net debit is the final amount after deducting the total tax and charges from the turnover. It provides the net amount that will be debited from the trader’s account after considering all charges.

What options can be changed in the FYERS Calculation section?

In the FYERS Calculation section, you can select “equity trading,” specify the quantity, choose the order type, enter the price, and select the exchange to calculate the brokerage.

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