Share India Review 2024

Share India is a leading financial services provider that offers algo-trading solutions to investors and traders. Share India was established in 1994 and has rich experience in the stock market. Share India securities ltd is not just for the elite. It also aims to serve the retail segment and the new-age investors who want to benefit from the convenience of algo-trading. Share India also provides an opportunity for its partners to grow their businesses and reach their goals. In this article, we will review Share India’s features, benefits, drawbacks, and more.



  • User-friendly platform
  • transparent and competitive pricing
  • User-friendly trading platform that features one-click trading
  • Accurate stop loss for protecting your capital
  • Offers Algo trading, you can use AI ML technology in trading
  • Advanced charting tools and indicators
  • Real-time market updates and alerts
  • Expert research and live updates from NSE BSE and MCX

Financial products of Share India

  • Delivery Trade
  • Intraday Trading
  • Futures Trading
  • Options Trading
  • IPO
  • uTrade Algos

Account opening and demat account chargesShare India offers free demat account opening. Share India also offers free account maintenance charges for the first year.

Demat account charges

Account Opening Chargeszero
Account Maintenance ChargesZero for first 365 days after that ₹ 300/ p.a
Dematerialisation Charges₹ 50/- per DRF plus ₹5/- per certificates
Rematerlisation Charges₹ 25/- certificate + courier charges.
Transaction Charges (Per Charges)
Receipt/ Purchase
Delivery/ Sale
NIL ₹15/-
Pledge Charges (Per Transaction)
Creation (Invocation/Closure)
Margin Pledge/ Transaction / Release of Margin Pledge₹15/-
Instruction Booklet (1st Book Free)₹20/- + ₹40/- courier charges (5 leafs)

Additional charges

  • You will be charged ₹20/- for each failed instruction notification per instruction.
  • You will be charged ₹ 200/- for up to 10 pages and ₹15/- for each extra page if you request an additional statement of holding/transaction.
  • You will be charged ₹ 50/- for postage if your demat request is rejected and we have to send you back your share certificate.
  • You will be charged ₹100/- for each offline request if you want to modify your client master details. You may have to pay extra for any other services that are not specified above.
  • You will also have to pay taxes and government fees/charges as applicable from time to time.
  • If you have a trading account with Share India, your DP service charges will be deducted from your trading account.
  • You will have to pay late payment charges at 24% p.a. if you delay your payment.
  • Share India may suspend/freeze your depository services if you do not clear your outstanding bill. Share India may revise these charges at its sole discretion after giving you a 30-day prior notice.
  • You will also have to pay GST at the applicable rates on all these charges.

Share India securities brokerage charges

Share India ChargesEquity DeliveryEquity IntradayEquity FuturesEquity Options
BrokerageZero Brokerage0.03% or Rs. 20/executed order whichever is lower0.03% or Rs. 20/executed order whichever is lowerFlat Rs. 20 per executed order
STT/CTT0.1% on buy & sell0.025% on the sell side0.01% on sell side0.05% on sell side (on premium)
Transaction ChargesNSE: 0.00345%
BSE: 0.00345%
NSE: 0.00345%
BSE: 0.00345%
NSE: 0.002%NSE: 0.053% (on premium)
GST18% on (brokerage + SEBI charges + transaction charges)18% on (brokerage + SEBI charges + transaction charges)18% on (brokerage + SEBI charges + transaction charges)18% on (brokerage + SEBI charges + transaction charges)
SEBI Charges₹10 / crore + GST₹10 / crore + GST₹10 / crore + GST₹10 / crore + GST
Stamp Charges0.015% or ₹1500 / crore on buy side0.003% or ₹300 / crore on buy side0.002% or ₹200 / crore on buy side0.003% or ₹300 / crore on buy side
You can get real-time market insights
User-friendly and seamless trading experience
Reliable trading platforms such as web trading platform, Share India app, and trading software
Advanced charting and trading tools for analysis and research
There can be a little risk of technical failures in algo trading
Share India does not provide a demo account

Trading Platforms

Share India app

Share India offers a mobile trading app. You can download it from both the Google Play Store as well as App Store. Share India stock trading app combines advanced technology and user-friendly design. It offers a range of trading features for beginners and experts. You can explore various opportunities in the share market, such as stocks, futures and options, intraday trading, IPOs etc.

Web trading

Share India’s web trading platform offers complete trading solutions for investors. With this web trading platform, you can trade in stocks. You can do intraday and derivative trading. You can even invest in IPOs with a shared India web trading platform.

Trading software

Share India offers you sophisticated and tech-driven trading software that gives you the best online trading experience. With this software, you get data and research collected through advanced methods. This can help you understand the complex and dynamic money market. You can also access in-depth performance analytics. This helps you evaluate your trading strategies and achieve your trading goals. Share India trading software is suitable for all types of traders who have their own trading preferences. You can customize your trading strategies according to your needs and use advanced charting and over 100 technical strategies to test and execute your online trades.

How to open an account?

Follow these steps to open an account with Share India:

  1. Go to the Share India website, locate the “Open a Demat Account” button, and get started.
  2. Enter your email and phone number and verify them with OTP.
  3. Keep your documents ready such as your Adhaar Card, PAN Card, utility bill, etc. Scan and upload these.
  4. It usually takes about two working days to activate your trading account after you submit your application.

With the E-KYC method, opening a trading account is easier. You can complete the KYC process online and start trading in the stock market without any hassle.

Share India review: Why should you choose Share India?

There are many reasons why you should choose Share India. The platform is around 28 years old and it has years of experience in the stock market. With Share India you get a user friendly platform for trading. You can create, backtest and deploy your own trading algorithms using various programming languages and tools. Share India offers a transparent pricing structure so you don’t have to worry about any hidden charges. Share India has a strong customer base and a high market share of options trading. The company has received positive feedback and reviews from its clients for its online trading services. The company has only a few registered Share India review complaints  from clients. So, it is a reliable and trustworthy platform to choose from.

In conclusion, Share India is a suitable choice for investors who want to benefit from the convenience and efficiency of algo-trading. It is advisable to consider all the factors mentioned above before choosing the platform. It is also necessary to do your own research and analyze your own needs and preferences.

Faqs about Share India Securities

What is algo trading?

Algo trading, also known as algorithmic trading, is a way of executing trades in the financial markets with the help of computer algorithms. These algorithms follow a set of rules and triggers to automatically place trades on behalf of investors or traders. The algorithms can analyze market data, and various other factors, find trading opportunities, and execute trades with high speed and accuracy.

Can uTrade algos share or use my customized strategies?

Your customized strategies are safe and secure with uTrade Algos. Utrade algos do not have access to your strategies and cannot share your algo logics with anyone. Your custom strategies are confidential and only visible to you.

How to start algo trading using Utrade algos?

You need to have a subscription package and a Share India Demat account to use uTrade algos for algo trading. After you create an account, you need to connect to Share India as your broker. For that, click on the profile tab and then connect to the broker.

How can I make transactions with Share India?

You can make transactions with Share India by using UPI, Net Banking, or Virtual Transfer.

Is algo trading only for experienced traders?

Algo trading is not only for experienced traders. uTrade Algos can help traders with all levels of experience to automate and improve their trading styles. If you are a professional trader or a beginner, you can use uTrade Algos to create, backtest, and deploy your own trading algorithms. For beginners, it will be helpful to subscribe to a prebuilt algo by Industry experts – uTrade Originals. But, you still need to learn the basic trading concepts and understand the market dynamics to create effective algorithms and manage your risk properly

How to place orders with the call and trade feature? What are the charges?

You can place orders with the call and trade feature by calling and giving your buy or sell instructions. The charges are Rs 50 per call for this service.

What is the Share India securities share price today?

Share India share price today is INR 1,716.90.

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