Gold Rate Forecast / Prediction for Today, Tomorrow, Next Months & Years

Investing in gold may be utilized for a variety of things and is significant for several reasons. Here is an explanation of how gold investments function and why they are frequently valued by investors:

1. Inflation hedge: Gold is frequently used as an inflation hedge. Over time, inflation reduces the value of fiat currencies, whereas gold has consistently held its worth. Investors dedicate a portion of their portfolio to gold to protect themselves from the loss of value brought on by inflation.

2. Diversification: Adding gold to a portfolio of investments can help it become more diversified. Its price changes frequently do not correlate well with those of conventional asset classes like stocks and bonds. Gold could function as a counterweight when other assets lose value, lowering the portfolio’s total risk.

3. Asset: One popular haven asset is gold. Investors frequently resort to gold in times of economic turmoil or market decline because of its relative stability and liquidity. It is a desirable alternative for asset preservation amid uncertain times due to its perceived inherent worth and historical dependability.

4. Insurance for a portfolio:  Gold may serve as insurance for a portfolio. Gold has demonstrated endurance over the long run, despite short-term price fluctuations. It offers some protection from catastrophic occurrences, market collapses, or systemic risks that can have adverse impacts on other assets.

Gold Rate Forecast in India


Gold has historically held a certain fascination for investors seeking portfolio stability and diversification due to its long history as an asset. Over time, the gold rate has had its fair share of changes, from jarring lows to legendary highs. Its success is correlated with larger economic trends, such as those seen in the NSE and BSE‘s Sensex and Nifty indexes.

Early on Wednesday, there were divergent price movements for gold and silver. While gold prices were rising, silver futures prices were falling. Gold prices received some support from the flat Dollar Index. Key support levels for gold are located around $1,900 and $1,870. Nonetheless, the prognosis for the metal remains bleak. Although gold futures have fallen in June, they have risen so far this year. Although silver futures have fallen in June, they have slightly risen so far this year.

Today gold rate in India is ₹ 63,910 per 10 grams for 24 Carats and ₹ 58,600 for 22 Carats

DateGold RateCarats
02-12-202363,910 (10 gm)24
02-12-202358,600 (10 gm)22

Gold Rate Forecast for Next 30 Days – Gold Price Prediction India

The chart provided here states the possible gold rates for the next 31 days or for the month of November, making it easier for investors to plan their investments accordingly.

DateGold RateChangePrice Change
01-12-2023₹ 63,1000.04%₹ 022
02-12-2023₹ 63,9100.31%₹ 100
03-12-2023₹ 63,2500.17%₹ 050
04-12-2023₹ 63,3100.28%₹ 060
05-12-2023₹ 63,3600.21%₹ 050
06-12-2023₹ 63,4100.25%₹ 050
07-12-2023₹ 63,6600.54%₹ 250
08-12-2023₹ 63,7100.38%₹ 050
09-12-2023₹ 63,7200.22%₹ 010
10-12-2023₹ 63,8700.11%₹ 150
11-12-2023₹ 63,8900.45%₹ 020
12-12-2023₹ 63,9300.60%₹ 040
13-12-2023₹ 64,0200.19%₹ 090
14-12-2023₹ 64,1100.47%-₹ 010
15-12-2023₹ 64,1100.09%₹ 00
16-12-2023₹ 63,9300.27%-₹ 180
17-12-2023₹ 63,8900.34%-₹ 040
18-12-2023₹ 63,8700.25%-₹ 020
19-12-2023₹ 63,7200.18%-₹ 150
20-12-2023₹ 63,7200.61%₹ 00
21-12-2023₹ 63,6200.60%-₹ 100
22-12-2023₹ 63,4600.18%-₹ 160
23-12-2023₹ 63,4300.18%-₹ 030
24-12-2023₹ 63,3200.45%-₹ 110
25-12-2023₹ 63,3100.43%-₹ 265
26-12-2023₹ 63,2600.18%-₹ 050
27-12-2023₹ 63,2100.18%-₹ 050
28-12-2023₹ 63,1600.18%-₹ 050
29-12-2023₹ 62,9600.06%-₹ 200
30-12-2023₹ 62,8800.31%-₹ 080
31-12-2023₹ 62,8800.31%-₹ 00

Gold Rate Prediction or Forecast for Next Week

For the upcoming week, the prediction of the gold rate stands at:

DateGold RateChange
01-12-2023₹ 63,1000.60%
02-12-2023₹ 63,9100.18%
03-12-2023₹ 63,2500.47%
04-12-2023₹ 63,3150.09%
05-12-2023₹ 63,3500.27%
06-12-2023₹ 63,4300.34%
07-12-2023₹ 63,4360.25%

Gold Rate Prediction for the Next 6 Months

The gold price forecast for the next six months, which runs from July 23 to November 23, is shown in the chart below. This forecast by the finest stock adviser in India shows a modest decline in the price of gold over the next several days, with the average price for 10 grams of 24-karat gold coming in at close to 57,930 INR.

MonthAverage (For 10 gm gold)LowestChange% (compared to last month)
July-23₹ 57,200₹ 56,5600.433%
Aug-23₹ 58,615₹ 58,2360.307%
Sept-23₹ 60,540₹ 58,3600.478%
Oct-23₹ 59,520₹ 58,3000.107%
Nov-23₹ 59,830₹ 59,3200.407%
Dec-23₹ 58,430₹ 57,9300.207%

Monthly Gold Price Prediction – Gold Rate Prediction for 2024

Given below in the chart is the prediction of the gold rate for the months until April of next year

MonthAverage (For 10 gm gold)LowestChange% (compared to last month)
Jan-24₹ 60,654₹ 59,3300.833%
Feb-24₹ 59,356₹ 58,1000.245%
Mar-24₹ 59,890₹ 58,3640.436%
Apr-24₹ 58,900₹ 58,2300.053%

Gold Rate City-Wise:

Bangalore – Over the past few years, gold prices in Bangalore have been on the rise. Given the sharp trend, it is expected that gold prices will decrease in Bangalore. The search for gold in Bangalore is time-consuming. Before any rebound, there will likely be a decline, at which point it would be wise to start buying gold all over again. Before purchasing the precious metal, investors must watch for declines.

The chart for the gold rate today in Bangalore is:

Gram24 carats today
1 gram6,376
8 grams₹ 51,008
10 grams₹ 6,3760
100 grams₹ 6,37,600

Chennai – There is a high demand for gold in Chennai, the largest city in Tamil Nadu, among other places in India. The desire for the precious metal is a result of its high cultural significance and potential for profit. As a result, more gold is purchased and traded in this city than any other in India keeping in mind the rate today in Chennai.

In addition to decorations, gold may be purchased as bullion, coins, funds, and savings plans. Because gold is the only commodity that retains its worth over time, buyers will always be found in Chennai, regardless of its current price. On financial websites, at gold stores, and online, the cost of gold is changed daily. Today gold rate in Chennai is a little bit higher than it was in the previous week.

The gold rate in Chennai for today is:

Gram24 carats today
1 gram₹ 6,453
8 grams₹ 51,624
10 grams₹ 64,530
100 grams₹ 6,45,300

Mumbai – Several, up to 300-year-old stores have been passed down from generation to generation and provide the best gold prices. Investors must thoroughly check the gold rate today in Mumbai before buying. Gold prices today in Mumbai at ₹ 5,845 per gram for 22k and at ₹ 6,376 per gram for 24k.

Delhi – Since the beginning of the year, there has been some growth in the gold rate in Delhi. This is because equities markets suffered at the beginning of the year, which encouraged investors to purchase safe-haven assets like gold.  Given that prices have fluctuated within a small range in recent years, the precious metal may not be a fan favorite. There was some interest in gold as an investment following a decline in equities prices at the beginning of the year.
However, the gold rate today in Delhi is at ₹ 5,860 per gram for 22k and ₹ 6,391 for 24k.

Pune – Pune’s gold prices are usually always different from those in other Indian cities due to factors like octroi fees, state taxes, and shipping expenses. Before buying gold jewelry in Pune, one should be aware that in addition to the current gold price shown on this website, there are marking fees attached to the jewelry that drive up the final cost. The gold rate today in Pune is at ₹ 5,845 per gram for 22k and ₹ 6,376 per gram for 24k.

Kolkata – The most effective investment option has always been gold. The cost of gold has increased recently worldwide, including in Kolkata. It is the third-largest city in India, with a population of more than 14 million. The city is a hub for industry and receives a significant portion of national investments. Gold prices today in Kolkata help discerning investors make the right choices while investing or merely for the consumption of Gold.

As of Today, Gold Price in Kolkata for 24k stands at:

Gram24 carats today
1 gram₹ 6,376
8 grams₹ 51,008
10 grams₹ 63,760
100 grams₹ 6,37,600

Ahmedabad – Gujarat’s thriving gold trade has long been a well-known feature of the state. The State of Gujarat has produced many jewelers for the nation. In terms of population, Ahmedabad is the city with the largest population in Gujarat. As with any other trade, Ahmedabad’s gold trade has developed, and it is a significant source of income for many city residents. The gold price today in Ahmedabad stands at ₹ 5,850 per gram for 22k and ₹ 6,381 per gram for 24k.

Hyderabad – The majority of the gold sold in Hyderabad goes into the production of jewelry and other goods. However, it may also be utilized as a long-term or short-term investment. This is mostly for personal consumption, such as during weddings or festivals. Hyderabad residents are investing in gold rather than, for instance, bank accounts or the stock market because gold has historically provided safe and dependable returns.

Today gold rate in Hyderabad stands at:

Gram24 carats today
1 gram₹ 6,295
8 grams₹ 50,360
10 grams₹ 62,950
100 grams₹ 6,29,500

Jaipur – Gold has always been in high demand throughout the city of Jaipur. Gold and similar accessories have traditionally captivated residents of the state. The price of gold in Jaipur has fluctuated along with the price of gold globally. The city’s gold rates are roughly comparable to those of other places around the nation. When compared to other cities in the western sections of India, such as Mumbai and Pune, the pricing is just slightly higher or cheaper.

The gold price today in Jaipur stands at:

Gram24 carats today
1 gram₹ 6,376
8 grams₹ 51,008
10 grams₹ 63,760
100 grams₹ 6,37,600

There are various methods to become involved with gold investments:

  • Physical gold is available to investors in the form of bars, coins, and jewelry. When one possesses real gold, they have full ownership and control over the commodity. However, there are storage and security issues to consider.
  • Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and mutual funds offer a dubious way to invest in gold. These investment vehicles enable investors of gold coins or derivatives to buy shares or units. They provide simplicity in trading, liquidity, and the ability to make smaller investments.
  • Contracts for gold futures and options traded on commodity exchanges are available to more experienced investors. They can be used for speculation or as a hedge against price fluctuations. These derivatives call for a more in-depth comprehension of market dynamics and are often more appropriate for seasoned traders.

FAQs – Gold Rate Forecast

1. Are there any risks in buying gold as an investment?

Ans. Gold has its own set of hazards, just like any other investment. Gold may have a fluctuating price, and its worth may change depending on several variables. Investing in gold mining equities might also come with company-specific risks and industry-specific difficulties. Before making a gold investment, it’s crucial to do an extensive study and thoroughly assess the investor’s risk tolerance.

2. How should I keep my gold bars?

Ans. Secure storage methods are necessary when storing actual gold. You might decide to keep it in a safe or secure storage facility at home. As an alternative, you can think about utilizing a specialized custodian or a bank’s safe deposit box.

3. Is gold a good long-term investment or a short-term one?

Ans. Both short-term and long-term investments are possible in gold. While some investors maintain gold as a long-term store of wealth, others trade it for transient returns depending on market changes. The investor’s investment strategy, objectives, and personal preferences all influence the length of time they should hold gold.